Frequently Asked Questions


Do coaches deliver an ESPN CUP Challenge coin at every game and every age group or only certain ages/brackets? Do these Challenge coin recipients win the Scholarship?


Coaches provide a player on the opposing team a Challenge Coin during the first 3 games of the tournament for all ages. Winners are placed in a pool and winners are chosen randomly for the Scholarship. Only those who have signed the waiver and registered by paying their $20 are eligible for the Scholarship.


It looks like this is a qualifying tournament for ESPN CUP National Championship-can you clarify that a bit? Is that for any age group if they win their bracket or only for premier bracket winners?


ESPN CUP National Tournament is for all ages and skill level. Anyone team who plays in an ESPN CUP Qualifying Tournament qualifies for the National Championship. The ESPN CUP National Championship is an invitational tournament and winners of each bracket are invited first, if they do not accept, then the next team is invited.


Does qualifying mean you definitely play in ESPN CUP National Championship or are there other tournaments that need to be won?


You only need to play in one ESPN CUP qualifying tournament to qualify for the ESPN CUP National Championship, however, the higher you place in any of the ESPN CUP qualifying tournaments, the greater chance the team has to receive an invitation.


How do I get the Sport Rewards App from ESPN CUP?


Players who sign the waiver receive the Sport Rewards App at no cost. Waivers can be found on the Schedule page listed by tournament name.


When and where is the ESPN CUP National Championship?


The ESPN CUP National Championship will be held in June, 2019 in Dallas, TX. This is a invitational only Tournament for those teams who have participated in a qualifying tournament.